NOXy®– a chemical product also known under a registered trademark AdBlue®, is used primarily in the latest flue gas purification technologies. Its application allows for a significant reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are harmful. The reduction process is run until non-toxic water vapor and nitrogen are obtained.

NOXy® perfectly fits in the automotive sector – also in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. It therefore helps to adapt to current flue gas emission standards (including Euro V and Euro VI).

The benefits of using NOXy®
  • a 3-4% lower fuel consumption by EURO IV-compliant engines and 5% lower by EURO V-compliant engines,
  • protection of the environment by meeting the requirements of existing standards governing the emission limits of harmful substances,
  • lower road charges in the EU (in Poland, from July 2011 the viaTOLL electronic system for the collection of road charges was launched. By 2014, the system covered 2 880 km of roads.  Along with the fulfilment of the higher Euro standards by heavy duty vehicles, the rates per km travelled are lower),
  • possible to keep, and even extend, vehicle maintenance periods.
  • increased vehicle value at resale.

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We place more and more demands on cars. We want them to be fast and ecological – to emit as little flue gas as possible. So, we created a range of products that decompose the harmful nitrogen oxides. Not only are they used in automobile, marine and other engines, but also in power plants, incinerators and cement plants.