Uses NOXy® - AdBlue®

NOXy® – a chemical product also known under a registered trademark AdBlue®, is used primarily in the latest flue gas purification technologies. Its application allows for a significant reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are harmful. The reduction process is run until non-toxic water vapor and nitrogen are obtained.

NOXy® perfectly fits in the automotive sector – also in the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. It therefore helps to adapt to current flue gas emission standards (including Euro V and Euro VI).

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NOXy® are used in all diesel vehicles.

The benefits of using NOXy®

a 3-4% lower fuel consumption by EURO IV-compliant engines and 5% lower by EURO V-compliant engines,

protection of the environment by meeting the requirements of existing standards governing the emission limits of harmful substances

lower road charges in the EU (in Poland, from July 2011 the viaTOLL electronic system for the collection of road charges was launched. By 2014, the system covered 2 880 km of roads.  Along with the fulfilment of the higher Euro standards by heavy duty vehicles, the rates per km travelled are lower)

possible to keep, and even extend, vehicle maintenance periods and increased vehicle value at resale